Color Crush: Adriatic Blue + Glistening Gold...

Ready for a mini-vacation? Take a brief moment with me to imagine the glistening waters of the Adriatic. Sail with me through the Greek Isles. Stroll with me through Santorini's steeped, winding streets. Dine with me on Croatia's coastline. Charter a yacht with me and sail to Corfu for a day trip. These colors will inspire you to soak in the summer sun, dip your toes in a pool and possibly, just possibly live a little more luxuriously today. 


Are you feeling it? Me too. If you're swimming in client work today rather than an infinity pool, do yourself a favor and at least make an attempt to book a summer vacation. Dubrovnik, Mykonos, Crete... you can't go wrong with one of these amazing coastal destinations along the Adriatic. If not, I hope you enjoyed this mini mental escape. You deserve it!


Color Crush: Impactful Bougainvillea Pink...

{photos via here & here & here & here)

I dare say no one can find fault with cheery bougainvillea pink. It is shamelessly pretty, fiercely energetic and undeniably happy. This intense shade of pink is a personal favorite for it's ability to shift any lackluster moment (or outfit) into high gear. Wile I lack the studies to back it up, I would assert that there could be scientific studies to demonstrate the power of this unabashedly joyful color. Make your day - and your life - more dynamic by adding a pop of impactful bougainvillea pink to your look, your rooms and your mood. 


Color Crush: Fresh Squeezed Zesty Orange...


Never underestimate the power of color to energize and inspire. When I need a lift, a zesty dash or bold orange - be it by embroidered pillow, scented candle or cashmere sweater - has the power to elevate my mood. Not as rich as red, not as sunny as yellow, orange is in a realm of it's own. I find it endlessly cheerful and packed with power. It's no wonder it is a longtime designer favorite in both fashion and interiors. 


Styling tip: Much like citrus juice itself, a little goes a long way. A dash of orange, a hint of tangerine a pop of lemon does the trick. The head to toe (or wall to wall, as the case may be) look was once reserved for those with enough chutzpah to pull it off, but lately committing to color has taken off and become an "every girl" approved look. That said, if pair that orange dress with metallic heels or fun wedges. Save the matching shoes for a different day with a different ensemble.

Less is absolutely more with a powerful color such as this. Orange makes no apologies and bows to no one. Worn well, this powerful color brings a welcome kick of "wow, look at her!" to your look. Be memorable, be fabulous & rock that pop of orange like you mean it. The world is your runway! 


Color Crush: Punchy Persimmon ...

One of my all time favorite colors is a shade somewhere between orange and pink and coral. I think of it as persimmon, but as trends change it is frequently called other names. Regardless of what you choose to call it, this color is happy, energetic and flattering on most skin tones. I love it in tulips, a adore it in sweaters and as a hue occurring in nature I am endlessly amazed. I hope the color crush of the day makes you feel fiery inside and it sets your ambition for the week on fire. Happy Monday! xoxo



Color Crush: Jewel Tones...

Normally I'm all about subtlety and a life of sophisticated neutrals (think: black, white, gold and leopard) but now that fall has arrived (yesss!) a little saturated color seems like a fine idea.

Why limit the color to tabletop decorations and vases? I'm suddenly wanting a pop of rich color in my closet as much as my living room - perhaps even more so. Here are a few "look at me" pieces for fall that won't break your color-loving bank. 


Color Crush: Tiffany Blue...

Another day, another pretty color. Today I'm inspired by Tiffany blue and all the lovely shades that fall near it on the color spectrum. Somewhere along the lines of turquoise and aqua lies this optimistic shade of bluish green. Light, bright and always eye catching, I have always loved this color. 

It reminds me of azure waters and sunny skies. It makes me think of pretty things and positive memories. Frankly, what more can you ask for in a color?


Shop the Look: Melanie Turner's Sunny Yellow Dining Room...

Photo via  Verand

Photo via Verand

Much can be said about the beauty of Melanie Turner's interior design work. Her rooms seem to capture natural light in an almost ethereal way, adding vitality to each space. Of her many projects, one room seems to captivate fans more than most: her sunny yellow dining room. From the glistening chandelier to the squareback Louis XVI chairs, we agree that the room is a stunner. So... how do you achieve Turner's dining nirvana at home? We've gathered together what we feel are the key elements that pull this classically refined space together.

Get the Look: The Bold Blue Velvet Sofa...

While most homes are a sea of beige and cream and white, we hold no fear when it comes to choosing a bold blue sofa. I myself have an admirably fierce aqua sectional that makes no apologies for its fabulousness. 

So... how do you pull it off? Assess enough photos on ArchDigest & Pinterest and you'll begin to detect an undercurrent of themes. I'll share what I've learned: 

    The best of the bunch are tufted either on the back or on the seat - occasionally both, when Chesterfields are involved. Not only does this highlight the inherent qualities of velvet, it makes the sofas that much more inviting to sit on.

    An element of the exotic seems to always appear nearby, either in the form of leopard, zebra or a tribal rug. It adds a much needed "we don't take ourselves too seriously here" vibe to the room.

    You've chosen a bold blue velvet sofa. There's no hiding it. So roll with it, baby! Add accents and accessories and art to carry the eyes throughout the room. It enriches the look and reinforces your masterful style. Trust me on this one.

    In stark contrast to the richness of the saturated (and shiny) velvet, the most successful spaces soften the blow with the roughness of wood. Be it bleached floors, a Mid-Century accent piece or a wicker chair, something nearby is usually rocking a natural finish.

    Other metals may make an appearance, but it's clear that gold is the finish of choice for pairing with brilliant blue. From nail heads to frames, the warmth of brass and gold are a classic and timeless choice paired with saturated blue.

    Skirts be gone. These velvet sofas all show a little (or a lot) of leg. Turned or tapered, chrome or mahogany, these blue beauties all eschew the idea of skirts

So...  how do you get the look in your home? Make the simple yet bold choice to commit to the saturated hue, then rock it like it's nobody's business. Are you a deep teal fan or is true navy more your game? Make that simple choice and the rest of the room will simply come together. Here are a few of my favorite pieces to pull this look off with aplomb. 



Shop the Look: Fabulous Floral Bedroom Walls...

Children's rooms are havens for young, unbridled imaginations. Chalkboard walls, storybook murals, decorative appliqués - they are all possibilities in rooms for tots. Those elements aside, I'm loving the idea of floral walls for achieving a feeling of creativity run wild. The resulting look is every bit as freeform and fun, but much more pretty and poised. Wild, overgrown, fabulous flora adorning the vertical planes of a room have the power to turn a simple white rectangle into a wonderland for a young mind. 

How do you balance cray-cray paper on the walls to achieve a sweet and sophisticated look? One word: restraint. A calming rug, floor to ceiling panels in a solid shade found from the wallpaper, bedding that balances the look, By keeping other textiles mild you can let the fun accessories for children play center stage. Silly accents, a cool chair, a funky lamp and a chic chandelier all come together to create a room that encourages childhood fantasy and daydreaming.  

Below I've put together a few of my favorite elements for a little girl's room that is sweet without being saccharine. The truth is, while this is written from the perspective of young design, these feminine pieces are perfect no matter your age (or gender, for that matter). These elements are the epitome of timeless chic. Below you'll discover my favorite Schumacher floral wallpaper as well as a few great Serena & Lily pieces. Tip: they have a sweet 20% off friends & family savings event happening all weekend. Use code LIKEFAMILY to save now through Tuesday. Hooray!

Now... on to this chic look:


Buon Weekend: Love Your Life By Living in the Moment...

{Photo via yours truly, Franki Durbin}

{Photo via yours truly, Franki Durbin}

What a week! Wonderful awakenings of mind, body & soul. Do you ever feel as though you're making new discoveries daily? As though life, similar to a rose, is blooming and unveiling itself to you a bit more each day? That's my moment. I'm taking it in all of its stages and striving to embrace the journey. Here's to a marvelous weekend of blessings and experiences for all of us. Happy Friday to you! 


Now please... do me a favor and put down your phone, shut the laptop, turn off the DVR. Go have some fun. With REAL people. People you live in places you adore. Do things that fill you with happiness. Do things that feed your soul. Crumple up your to do list and see if you can figure out what's REALLY important. The answer might just surprise you. 

Get the Look: The Glamorous Feminine Vanity & Desk...

shop the look: the glamorous feminine vanity & desk...

The inspiring image of the Barbara Barry desk and Z-chair above isn't new, but it bears repeating if recreating this vision of a private paradise can be replicated. With a few key pieces (namely that iconic desk and chair) you can perch yourself upon the mod molded lucite and gaze out the window or at your own lovely visage and daydream. Or (as in most of our cases) work at your laptop. I dare say that whether you work, apply blush or pen thank you notes at this feminine station the task will be far more pleasant.

I've given you a range of options for recreating this amazing look at home. For me, it's a look that is timeless and will always make you smile. We all deserve to carve out room in our homes to make a small little "nest" for ourselves. This could be in an office, a nook in a hallway, a master closet, a spare bedroom or even as a behind a floating sofa solution. Regardless, carve out a space for YOU and relish in it. You deserve it. 

Now... go be girly, glam and gorgeous. It is your birthright. 


Shop the Look: Effortlessly Feminine Interiors...

One link on pinterest led to another and another and ultimately I chased the rabbit down the hole to Bijou & Boheme's home tour on Style Me Pretty. I've loved Christine Dovey's look since I very first set eyes on her site, but seeing her home in detail was a delicious treat. This home has been featured here and there on other sites, but any kitchen with an Empire style crystal chandelier over the island and gold fixtures at the sink deserves to be showered with an excess of public praise. 

Christine's family-friendly home is dripping with style and radiates feminine chic in the most relaxed fashion. Soft textures, golden accents and undeniably romantic elements are presented in a very approachable manner. Fortunately, you too can take a bit of Bijou home via a few well selected accents. Here are my favorite selections for achieving her livable chic vibe:  

Shop the Look: Pulling Your Home Office Together in Seven Chic Pieces...

Running a business (and a life) from home has so many perks. One of my favorites is the opportunity to carve out a space that is absolutely special for all of those "power hours" spent at the laptop. When someone asked my top 7 "musts" for a spectacular home office, I went to work sourcing accents, lighting, rugs and (you guessed it) a desk + chair combo that sets the tone for success. Here's what I'm loving...

1. A Boss Babe Desk

As the centerpiece of your workspace, the importance of your desk simply cannot be underestimated. What I love about this beauty is the expansive surface, those nearly invisible drawers and the obstructive base, giving you flexibility to extend your legs. And... let's face it, parchment desk with brushed brass legs is the ideal balance of modern & super chic.

Shop it here >>

2. The Perfect Perch

Personally, I love to use armless chairs in my office. They allow you to fully sit or just perch on the edge for a moment. More importantly, the absence of arms allow for maximum freedom of movement. This French-inspired chair with hand-turned legs is absolutely perfect.

Shop it here >>

3. Lovely Lighting

A pair of lamps is a fantastic way to provide task lighting and reduce the eye strain of a too-bright laptop monitor. I am smitten with this brushed brass circular lamp that is both a statement piece and an efficient use of surface space at the same time.

Shop it here >>

4. A Space Softening Rug

One of the benefits of a super plush rug is the impact it has on the sound in a room. Especially in a smaller home office, a super thick sheepskin rug "grounds" the acoustics while also serving as a visual anchor and a soft surface upon which to walk.

Shop this one >>

5. Glam Bookcases

Order is key here, but we still want things to be glamorous, right? This is where a gorgeous gold bookshelf comes in handy. This gives you a showcase for books, decor, photos, posh office supplies - you name it. My take: add a pair of these on a wall for maximum visual impact & endless styling possibilities.

Shop it now >>

6. A Room Brightening Mirror

One of the best designer tricks is the use of mirrors to "double" the size of a room & add more natural light. This beautiful Venetian version has feminine details and - quite frankly I've been obsessed with this particular one for a years. It is the ideal accent above a desk or on a side wall to add light, life and beauty to your room.

Shop this beauty >>

7. Finishing Touches

It's the little things that make life great, right? For me, this means killer accessories that I just LOVE. From sexy gold link bookends to bold brass trays, details really do make the design. I love to infuse my office with stunning decorative "objets" that offer great functionality. This quartz-adorned storage box keeps things tidy while making an ultra-glam statement.

See it here >>

I could go on and on about great accents & key pieces of furniture, but the only true guideline is to furnish your home work space with whatever makes you happy, productive and comfortable.

We are all so unique, and our workspaces should be as well. I crave a space bathed in natural light and a window for gazing, but I have good friends who love a cozy dark area where they can concentrate. And since this is "your" space, don't be shy about getting real with yourself on what your idea of the perfect home office could be. This is a really wonderful room or nook for letting your style shine and making bold decisions. Want a chandelier? Add that. Crave minimalism? Let your inner queen of mod shine. You do you, is my advice.

Whether it's a small corner of your bedroom or an entire room, make it yours & make it personal, make it marvelous!

Note: all of these items are from LuxeDecor, an online purveyor of incredible home decor, furniture, and accents. In my experience, if there's an interior design brand you adore, they have it. John Richard, Arteriors, Berhnardt, Safavieh, Surya, Tommy Bahama, Uttermost... the list goes on. Plus, they have free shipping on most items, which (hello!) is fabulous. They have long been a secret resource of mine for lighting, rugs & other design elements. Now my secret is out ;)

Musings: On Refreshing Your Mindset by Refreshing Your Rituals...

Profound, deep personal change can be difficult to attempt. We are often mired in habits and thinking patterns that can be difficult to slough off. Many years ago I discovered a shortcut that continues to serve me well. TO change the inside, we must first make changes on the outside. Create new patterns in your daily routines. Establish new habits thus forcing the old ones out by sheer lack of time.  Rather than a mindset of limiting what you do and stripping off the old, I like to create new rituals and give myself a mental "spa week" to establish new daily routines. The result? Those old worn out ways are a thing of the past that have been scrubbed out by better ways of living. 

Need specifics? Of course you do. Let me share what I've been doing this for the past ten days... 

Feeling as though I'd gone stale in a few areas I decided to look at my days differently. Rather than feel wighted down by my responsibilities and schedule, I saw it through fresh eyes. I began by noticing what wasn't working. My mornings. Many a great leader and successful person will agree "win the morning, win the day." So if my mornings needed a fresh approach I was going to make that happen. 


I kid you not, Super Elixir has changed my life and so has going grain-free. By stirring some of this powdered miracle into filtered water and starting my day with a glass of alkalizing goodness, my energy levels have soared. I do still enjoy a morning coffee, but this simple change is giving me far more energy, replenishing my nutrients and giving me that healthy glow. 

What are you sipping first thing in the morning? Have you considered the benefits of hot lemon water or powdered greens? Perhaps just sip a bottle of water upon waking. Hydrate. Switch up that behavioral routine of what you physically consume upon waking to see new internal changes. 


For quite some time I was continuing my yoga practice at home. honestly, it was getting extremely stale. Those three-legged dogs were dragging. Switching up my pattern and going to hot yoga at the studio every day has not only changed my body in a very short time (yay!) it has drastically reduced my stress levels. Amazing what can change when you set your mind free for 75 minutes a day outside of your normal location. I needed this in a major way.

Again, by changing the outside, you can change the inside. What could you do in a new location that would help you? Could you move to the coffee shop for your freelance? Could you jog someplace new? Can you walk your dog at a different park? Could you drive to work via a new route? See new things. Feel new feelings. Think new thoughts. Change your surroundings to change what's happening inside.  


So not kidding on this one. Why not treat every day like a visit to a day spa? Mud mask before your day begins? I'm wearing one right now while I type. Tired feet? Apply a treatment before bed and bundle up in cozy socks. Wake up to renewed soles and a renewed soul. Face lacking that Gigi Hadid glow? An AHA is just what you need. Sleepwear is my latest secret weapon against lackluster skin. 

Fact: you have a nightly and morning beauty ritual. Why not boost it up for one week and reap the benefits of upgraded ingredients and treatments? Those that work while you sleep are especially rewarding as you'll awaken to a more marvelous appearance. On that note...


Sleeping beauty was on to something. SLEEP is the number one cure for many things. For a change in how I feel I like to drink generous amounts of filtered water all day, eat more fresh food and go to bed a bit earlier each night. By pretending I'm at a spa for a week I am naturally drawn to lighter fare (kale salads with grilled chicken & vinaigrette), inclined to drink more lemon water and more likely to enjoy blissful sleep.

Change what you do, you'll alter how you'll feel. Lighten up on grains, indulge in fresh fruits and greens. Drink in clean, fresh water and tea. The best part? You'll wake up more gorgeous every day which will motivate you to keep the pattern going. 


Keeping in touch my my closest friends is a high priority. But this week I've been making that circle of communication larger by texting & reaching out to a wider circle of friends and family. If your social circle is a bit status quo or dwindling because of a too busy schedule, hit send on a few more texts this week. Stir up conversation and pick up where friendships left off.

Use the holidays as an excuse if you must, but cast that net wider than normal. The rewards of this are new conversations, restored connections, and a more lively daily experience. Expect to see friendships renewed, bonds strengthened and personal thought patterns changed. By changing your social pattern you change your life. 


Tired of the negativity of new and your facebook feed? I cannot underestimate the power of the low-information diet. I was spending too much time flipping through meaningless articles at night, wasting precious time learning... nothing of value. Podcasts & audio books, however, are great ways to learn on-the-go. What do I listen to? Tim Ferriss is my favorite for deep diving interviews with unusual and thought provoking people. For longer format listening I'm turing to classics like Think and Grow Rich and my Behind the Wheel Italian lessons again. But if you need a full break from voices, consider changing the music you listen to for a week. Try a Hôtel Costes style channel on Spotify or Pandora. It will soothe you. 

Those trips to yoga become language lessons and during the day I'm taking in new, profound information. Use N.E.T. time (No. Extra. Time.) to change your life. Listen to books or podcasts during your commute, or shower, or while you get ready to expand your knowledge and get your brain reactivated. Or... take a break form all current events, all news and all weighty information for a week. 


Change within can be discovered by changing what we do. ADD IN amazing habits and you'll find those old layers of skin and bad behaviors disappear. It's all about moving TOWARDS what you want and forging new paths. By altering what you do each day you'll capture more value from your allotted 24 hours. Your days will feel longer, your nights more restoring, your daily experience more rich. Try this "life exfoliation" for a week and see how you feel. I promise you will thank me for the nudge! 


Pet Luxe: Posh Fashion for Fido...

{via  Allure }

{via Allure}

Fall weather have your loyal pooch shivering on morning walks? Fret not, friends. River Island has the rosy pink cable knit sweater of your pup's dreams. I've rounded up a few cute options below perfect for keeping your fur baby warm.


Get the Look: High Impact Living for a High Impact Life...

Well hello there, new year & new attitude. I don't know about you, but January has been a series of small battles. Never one to back down from a challenge or let it fully overtake me, I feel re-energized and ready to stand up to whatever this new year offers. In keeping with this can-do attitude and fierce outlook on life, I channeled that vibe into a sleek & chic living room design. A serious dose of color and a major shot of glamour, this space radiates confidence and healthy self-esteem... just like you. Remember, every day is a new opportunity to reinvent yourself, to be the person you aim to be, to reach for the goals you burn to achieve. Seize those moment of ambition and purpose and don't let them go. 


Perspective: Beautify the Small Moments of Life via Glamorous Details...

From my morning coffee to my nightly beauty routine, I've made it a point this year to infuse the smallest of moments with exceptionally glamorous details. Fine china espresso cups, gold leather journals, dreamy moisturizing creams... it's the details in our lives that make all the difference. These outward shifts are the shortcut to the coveted state of being "present" in your daily routine. Surprisingly luxe details wake up the mind and and make what could be a mundane ritual a transcendent experience. How can you enliven your life and shake up your habits? Only you truly know. But below I'm sharing a few of the elements I love infusing in my daily rituals. Join me on my quest to make life magical and the smallest of moments more magnificent.


1. Simple to-do lists become plans for world domination in my Christian Lacroix Paseo Leather Journal // 2. Wedgwood Arris Cup & Saucer makes sipping any morning beverage a special affair (also here) // 3. Why simply shower when you can give your body an at-home skin perfecting treatment? Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish smooths, hydrates & perfects. (also here) // 4. Slip Silk Eye Mask in the prettiest of colors is the key to a blissful night of sleep, regardless of what time zone you wake up in (also here)


Gift Guide: Ten Glamorous Gifts For Her...

This recipient might not own everything she adores, but she does possess superior taste. Honor that by selecting carefully chosen gifts that appeal to her glamorous feminine preferences. Pro tip: stick to tried and true colors for this this discriminating girl. Black and white are her go-to colors but you can never go wrong with a bit of gold and a bit of blush pink.

1.  Bagatelle de Gabrielle Parfume via Omorovicza to ensure she smells dreamy // 2.  Jimmy Choo Shoes for her dancing feet // 3.  Dyson's impossibly sleek hair dryer (also here in fuchsia) // 4.  Saint Laurent's timeless matelasse monogram shoulder bag takes her from desk to dinner (also here & here & here)  // 5. Saint Laurent Croc Embossed Wallet serves double duty as chic clutch// 6. Dyptique's Baies candle is positively intoxicating & essential// 7.  Burberry's rose-hued lace trench because beige is boring // 8. Diamond stud earrings are timeless (also here & here) // 9. Slip's silk pillowcase in pink to keep her skin & hair fabulous forever (also here & here) // 10. AERIN x The Super Elixir double-up on glam & powdered greens in this limited edition caddy

Gift Guide: Ten Miraculous Gifts for Mind & Body...

The wellness-minded person on your list is striving for excellence and balance in all areas of life. Glowing skin, a healthy body, restful sleep and radiant energy are just a few of the hallmarks of harmony between the physical and the spiritual. These unique finds for mind & body will delight the senses & awaken your recipient to the boundless possibilities the present moment has to offer.

1. A scoop a day for glowing skin, sustained natural energy, mental fitness and overall wellness. Super Elixir powdered green superfood supplement makes living the alkaline life a breeze. // 2. Create a relaxing daily ritual with the gentle flavors of Teavana's Serenity Tea featuring calming chamomile, rose hips and orange blossom petals. // 3. This cult classic is legendary for good reason. Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish transforms your dull, dry body revealing glowing, silky skin (also here) // 4. REN Moroccan Rose Oil makes relieves stress & deeply hydrates skin // 5. Byredo Flowerbomb Rollerball: Revive energy anytime, anywhere with scent is inspired by the fragrant flower crowns adorned by the bride and groom at traditional Indian weddings // 6. Did someone say Gold Bodyism Yoga Mat? Yes they did. // 7. Enjoy that post-yoga glow without risking a breakout. CLEANSE wipes by Lauren Napier are infused with aloe & chamomile to hydrate & energize the skin effortlessly // 8. Like pilates for the face, NuSkin's microcurrent device is FDA-approved to tone & tighten facial muscles at home in just 5-minutes // 9. This $20 body brush is so good I've gifted it to friends time & time again. The Mio Skincare body brush is by far the best dry brush I've used // 10. Enhanced cognitive activity and reduced mental stress? Thank you, Moon Dust. I'll have some of that.