Current Obsession: Capes, the Great Cover Up...

Fall is coming. I can assure you of this. Today when I took my walk at sunrise it was noticeably cooler than it's been since spring. It's Dallas, mind you, so this wasn't chilly... but cool. And with cooler temperatures comes the thrill of fall fashion. Layering, accessorizing and what I delight in most: a full fashion assault.

Knee-high leather boots are an essential, of course, but what about a cape? An ingenious fashion choice, the cape keeps the torso warm while flattering the figure and allowing the arms to be free from weight. You are somehow exposed and covered at the same time. I love the ease of a cape and the regal air that they add to any outfit. 

Since I'm in the south, swingy cashmere capes get much more use than any of my genuine coats. Not that these cashmere beauties don't offer warmth - they do - but they do it in a with elegance and less committment. Wear it over the shoulders, wear it open, wear it tied... the choice is yours. The result is always fabulous and flawless. 

Where, you may now be asking, are these stunners from? These chic options are the handiwork of designer Leslie Tessler. Leslie's goal is to make timeless pieces that never go out of fashion. I believe she's done so with her selection of styles and her high standards for design and quality. These incredible investment pieces are handmade in limited quantities and crafted from luxury materials such as Peruvian Alpaca, French woven silk, and Italian cashmere. I assure you, these are special garments you'll cherish. Classic, chic and designed to last forever. Isn't that what living Venti is all about? 

Leslie's easy sense of fashion is derived from her globetrotting lifestyle. Living in both New York and and Buenos Aires, her sensibilities combine high-powered chic with South American sexiness. The resulting look is a sultry collection of capes that don't take no for an answer.

So come on, girls... grab your boots and a cape and let's get this fall fashion show started! 

To answer the question you surely have in mind: do they come in pink? Why yes, yes they do. Get your Titan cape in fuschia