Feeling Bookish: Markham Roberts, Decorating The Way I See It...

I love a top talent who puts himself out there. In Decorating The Way I See It interior designer Markham Roberts lays it out in full color, no holds barred. Within the gorgeous hardback cover Markham pulls the lid back on the often mysterious world of interiors and reveals his process, his thinking and his sharp-witted humor to do his level best to equip you with as much of his design prowess as possible. 

Let's back up and acknowledge that this AD100 lister's style is described as "the very definition of chic." One look at his varied portfolio of projects demonstrates his prowess in any genre, in any color palette and in any style of architecture. He is mad talented and possesses incredible range. So to have the opportunity to learn his techniques and points of view from this master of his craft is a thing of beauty. Each property chapter is laid out much like a project plan, giving you insight on fabric selections and layouts as well as how each piece relates to the whole of the project. All I can think when I read it is how generous Markham is with his talent. 

No house or room is finished without the final layer of accessories that really gives a room its character. Books, memorabilia, and treasured objects reflect personal interests and are so much more interesting than a sterile decorated room.
— Markham Roberts

While everything he produces is supremely gorgeous, it always exciting to see how the creatively gifted live at home. There's something intimate about seeing someone's home, isn't there? We are given this juicy opportunity by viewing his Hudson Valley home in the book. True to his written word, each space is warmed up with his personal collections, meaningful details and other touches that make a house a home. It looks like a terrific escape from what I'm certain is a jam packed professional calendar.  

I absolutely loved this book and feel Markham has cemented his status as design rockstar by rolling out such a terrific design book. This guy is a modern legend and this gorgeous book proves he's a designer's designer, willing and eager to impart his wisdom upon all who will listen. For me this is a library essential. If you're not personally an interior design buff, this book makes an impressive gift for the stylish bookworm in your life. Happy reading! 

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