Coveted Pieces: Glamorous Gold Étagères...

There's something so "adult" about owning an étagère, isn't there? It means you own things worthy of display. It means you've got swagger in your decorating style. It means you've got some wall space to dedicate to a beautiful piece of furniture. And so it begins... the endless cycle of styling and restyling your beautiful wares in an attempt to make it Pinterest-worthy. Let me assure you, you'll change your mind about the "right" arrangement again and again. Make peace with this process early on and give in to your urge to style and restyle.

More permanent, however are those shelves themselves. Great consideration should go into the selection of an étagère. I prefer them in tall pairs to create instant symmetry and presence. Gold is also a favorite finish, adding glamour to your room before a single book has arrived on the shelves. I've rounded up my current favorites for you to swoon over. 

Lucky you - each of these are so gorgeous you'll only need a dozen or so books and a few pretty decorative objects to style them up. Hope to see on you instagram soon showing off your styling prowess! 

Savvy shoppers... ready for my insider secret to great style at lower prices? Often, shopping at the division of a brand targeted towards the younger set yields big savings. Like shopping in the children's department for designer jeans, shopping at RH Baby & Child and PB Kids can turn up spectacular pieces at "wow" prices. Case in point... this gold etagere above was spied at PB Teen for just $599. The antique gold finish and Hollywood Regency styling make this a standout piece in any room - for any age. And never fear, it rises a grand 77" tall and bears no telltale signs of being ordered from a youth catalog. Simply resist the urge to load it with textbooks and term papers and it'll just be our little designer secret. ;)

Happy styling, everyone!