Current Obsession: On the Fringe (just a teensy little bit)...

The truth: not a big fan of fringe on boots, bags or shoes. It's just not my thing. With rare exception, I find this trend to be too boho hippie for my taste. That said... I do love a little bit fringe here and there and I have a definite weakness for tassels. Yummy!

Of course, as every Coachella babe knows, fringe can be sexy. The movement of the bits of leather or gold or fabric add a sexiness to a woman's body movements. It shimmies when you shake, and we can all get behind the idea of adding a bit more appeal to our look, right? So yes... I do totally get the love of adding a little sashay in your strut. Universally endorsed! But a little shag goes a long way, wouldn't you say?  

I've searched far and wide to find a few tasteful options that are more Victoria Beckham than festival dancer, and I do believe I've succeeded. Here are my chic favorites if you're looking to dip into the fringe trend without looking like a festival babe (unless, of course, you're totally into that sort of thing).