Personal Favorites: My Love Affair with NEST Fragrances...

For most of us, scent is a key aspect of our sensory experience. I personally obsess over both personal fragrances and home aromas. Nailing the art of balance is key. One should provide enough scent for personal enjoyment but not be off-putting to others. And finding a fragrance that you love is such a deeply personal preference that I can't imagine someone else having control over that choice. 

Enter: Laura Slatkin, CEO and Founder of NEST fragrances. For those not familiar, this petite bombshell is a brand building powerhouse. Once a Wall Street businesswoman, today she is at the helm of a successful lifestyle brand. NEST launched in 2005 and has since bloomed into a cult favorite collection of home-fragrance and personal-care products. Featured in Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf-Goodman and numerous other top-name stores, this growing collection of "everyday" fragrances seems unstoppable. 

Yesterday I had the rare opportunity to meet Laura in person. Not only is she gifted with the ability to create these remarkable scents, she also seems blessed with the ability to match you with your signature scent in mere moments. Laura introduced me to her line of personal fragrances and took no time to deduce that Midnight Fleur and Indigo would delight my senses. Eyes shining with delight, I was wowed by both her attention to detail on the packaging and her ability to layer each fragrance with a story and a history. 

When it comes to adding scent to the home, NEST is second to none. Grapefruit has long been a personal obsession. Their hand wash is so good I might need to join a recovery group if I ever run out. And come fall it's all about their Pumpkin Chai candle, which - despite the name - bears no resemblance to the popular coffee drink at Starbucks. This spicy candle is sexy and fresh and comes in a sophisticated glass holder. Trust me when I tell you this will soon become a personal favorite of yours as well. 

If you are in Dallas, please swing by Neimans at NorthPark today. The Scent Whisperer herself will be there from 2-4 to celebrate the opening of their first ever in-store shop inside of Neiman Marcus. I trust that she will help you find your signature scent and introduce you to the marvelous world that is NEST. I assure you, there will be numerous products that tickle your senses in ways no other product has. Yes, they are just that special. 

On a personal note: do not miss the opportunity to purchase NEST's exclusive Ken Downing candle available only at Neiman Marcus! It comes in a sexy tiger stripe box and a tortoise shell glass container. The aroma was just as fetching as the fashion director himself - perfect for any room of the home. My only regret yesterday was not purchasing one, as I thought about the memorable scent all afternoon. It seems a trip back to the in-store boutique is in order!