Musings: On Thinking Happy Thoughts...

Back in the day when I was under the care of my favorite aesthetician she offered me a nuggest of sage wisdom. Once while under the invasive "lamp of truth" she remarked on my stressed skin. Who... me? Busted. Sadly our skin shows all and tells all. Rather than let me wax on about the cares of my modern life she simply paused, looked me in the eyes and said, "Think happy thoughts."

Simple. Profound. Perhaps a bit too simplistic... but this simple declaration has stuck with me now for seven years. She's right, you know? The mind is our life engine powering our movements, our bodies and our outcome. Gain control of that big grey organ and you've mastered a skill few seem to possess. 

So if, like me, you're facing a difficult day today... think happy thoughts. This doesn't mean you avoid reality. It means you focus on all that is right in your life. Focus on all that is gorgeous. Focus on the beauty and the blessings around you. Life is beautiful all around you.

My quickie cure for a stressful day. Hot pink. I'm not kidding. The color makes me happy. Be it a pillow, a handful of tulips or a pretty blouse, this feisty color brings me joy. Sometimes all it takes is that silly $9.99 bouquet they have at the grocery store to shift your mood into the positive zone.

So the next time you're seeing stress or worry radiate on your face, think of my star skin guru Yuka's sage wisdom: think happy thoughts. And if that doesn't cure you, think pink thoughts.  

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