Buon Weekend: The Art of the Chill...

{image  via here  & also  here }

{image via here & also here}

Let me tell you... there are certain weekends in this life that you earn. These next two days will surely be treasured for the gifts that they are. While I love to push hard all week to achieve my goals, recovery time is priceless. and necessary. My sleep patterns this week were off as we awaited news on this and that. Let's suffice it to say this girl needs a little beauty sleep. 

For the next two days I plan to relax, do yoga, take long walks, unwind and truly enjoy my lovely family. The most labor intensive thing on the calendar is a trip out for cappuccino and fresh croissants at our favorite cafe.  Aside from that the next 48 are all about selfishly savoring the moments and embracing the freedom of this moment in life. Beauty sleep... here I come! 

Happy weekend to you all!