Musings: On Defying the Odds...

There are some of us (raising hand as high as I can) that pay no attention to what anyone else might say is possible, reasonable or has been previously done. You can offer all of the cautionary talk you like, drown us in reasons why our ideas won't work and go into painstaking detail about how naive our thinking might be. We simply do not absorb your negative speak. We live in the realm of the possible. We exist in the mindset of yes. We thrive on demonstrating (to ourselves alone) that boundaries only apply to those who choose to see them. We are free from the limitations of the mind that so many suffer from. 

It is because we exist that skyscrapers tickle the clouds, technology is held in our palms and fantastic voyages to the moon and back have been made. We simply don't care what hasn't (or has) been done before nor do we care that it defies all logic that our individual belief or effort might fail. It has no bearing on our experience. 

Those that live closest to us see our special breed of belief. Those intimately connected to us are consistently wowed by our ability to power through (imaginary) barriers and see great things come to pass. Those living up close to us learn to believe in us (and with us) and share in the daily experience of those "wow" moments. 

This is not to say we never fail or hit roadblocks. We do. We just don't see them as failures - we see them as detours. Like water, we will find a path to our destination. We will discover (or create) a route to success. We will break new ground to get there because we are relentless and are fueled by a great fire within. We are thirsty with desire to succeed and have an insatiable desire to drink in the taste of our own achievement. We are fully and completely alive. 

Everything really is possible if you only dare to believe and are willing to put passion behind the pursuit of those dreams. This isn't about hope. Hope is a hollow feeling. Expectation and effort is where it's at. Envision your outcome so clearly in your head that you can't imagine a world any different from the picture in your head. See it in such detail that it plays like a movie in your mind. Pray it into being with a heart full of faith and work towards its achievement with all your might. 

Then... prepare to be amazed at how limitless you really are.