Perspective: Simplicity = Abundance...

Simplify, simplify, simplify. This is my mantra for life in so many ways. Through the reduction of clutter (mental, physical, behavioral, relationship-wise etc) we actually live more abundantly. Does that sound contradictory? It shouldn't. When we are free from the distraction of the unnecessary and the unfulfilling we can spend our precious lives focusing on the greatness in them.

Less life distractions means more quality time. This doesn't mean you must harshly cut out people that aren't in line with your life, but it does mean you should turn down the volume on some of the channels that offer pure static. Focus on the greatness, the goodness and the joyful and make those areas your areas of focus. Consider doing a massive purge of physical excess in your home. Less clutter = less tidying = more time actually living. Consider cutting out unfulfilling or unpleasant activities. Let go of the good... embrace the great. 

You absolute must make room in your life for awesomeness if you want it to be your dominant life theme. You must eliminate "adequate" space and time fillers to carve out the freedom necessary for an abundance of fulfilling relationships and activities. 

Simplify, simplify, simplify and watch the quality of your days, weeks and life skyrocket. I know I perform best with a handful of deep friendships in lieu of spreading myself too thin across an overly busy social schedule. I respect my limited time and attention span so I can deepen those special relationships. 

Are you spreading yourself too thin? Are you nurturing your most meaningful relationships? Are you valuing yourself? Quality runs deep, not thin. Pay attention to how you allocate your time and your attention. Your spouse, your partner, your very closest friends, your family, your pets, your business, your passions... those are your targets. Aim at them with all your might and don't lose your focus. 

Enjoy them with all your might and enjoy the overwhelming feelings of abundance in your life! It will be akin to turning on the lights in what was once a dim room. You'll see the beauty in the smallest of moments and the subtleties of your days. Life is suddenly rich and overflowing with miracles.