Perspective: On Gratitude...


It's been an unusually challenging week. In spite of this that and the other going off the rails, I find myself looking at all that is right with my world and the world at large rather than dwelling on what's not going smoothly.

We are healthy. We are happy. My sweet little family of four is madly in love with one another. And there's something unbelievably grand about that.

Waking up snuggling my little toddler is such a joy that it fuels me to tackle the day ahead with a huge smile and renewed vigor. Each morning is a fresh opportunity to see life with new eyes, a new outlook and a new attitude. Each daybreak we are allowed to be reborn and reinvent our perspective. 

I hope you'll cherish this precious day and make it beautiful inside and out. Love on those who love you. Call or text those amazing friends who are there through thick and thin. Tell your parents you love them. Call your grandparents. Send notes to several friends who are on your mind. 

Use this new day to be a better you, a more grateful you, a more amazing you. I believe in you.