Musings: On Breaking Mental Barriers...

The most important conversations you'll have in life are those you have with yourself on an ongoing basis. Are you your biggest cheerleader or a doubtful foe? Are you the champion of "team you" or are you sitting on the bleachers questioning your abilities? 

Let me assure you, I am the founding member and president of Team Franki. This is not the same as being self-absorbed or self-centered. It's called self-assuredness and self respect. Success in life (and by success I mean happiness, satisfaction, confidence, joy, fulfillment et al) stems largely from your view of yourself. 

If you've been putting limits on your life, your view of your world and your definition of you - those views are up to you to change. Break through those mental barriers and free yourself frm negative self talk. 

Love yourself. Cheer yourself on. Respect yourself. Honor yourself. Expect amazing things from yourself. Give yourself that "I can, I will" talk every moment of every day.

You. Are. Amazing.