Musings: On Maxing Out...

I'm certainly in a stage where I'm learning lessons. Lesson after lesson after lesson. And what I'm taking from these delicate life lessons is to maximize your focus on what you're blessed enough to have. Whether your "gifts" are porcelain skin, unbounded physical energy or a fabulous collection of inherited china, it's your right - and perhaps your duty - to rock it like nobody's business.

Perhaps the message here is this: accentuate the positive. That's right. Stop dwelling on your perceived "lack" or challenges and move on with thoughts of what IS right - so right - in your life. It is exhausting to dwell on things you cannot change. Exhausting. That energy drain will trickle into every area of your life like a disease and suck the living joy out of your very existence. Stop it. Refocus your thoughts and retrain your brain.  

The simple fact is, no one else sees your inner challenges and your real or imagined difficulties unless you point them out. The healthiest relationship in the world is the one you should have with yourself. Be good to you. Respect yourself, be kind to yourself, forgive yourself and value your natural and unnatural gifts. Celebrate those blessings daily and focus on those beauties. They are the juice of life. 

This isn't about fakery or misleading yourself. It's about getting real and gaining perspective. It's about harnessing your thoughts in a way that benefits your life and improves it - not undermines it. It's about being an awesome friend to yourself by being your own cheerleader. 

Know this: YOU ARE BLESSED and have so much going for you. Embrace it. Delight in it. Enjoy it. Breathe in that goodness flowing around you today. It is surely a gift.