Musings: On Exceptional Things....

If I can offer one piece of advice for living, it is to never acquire items that "will do" or are of "so-so" quality. You'll end up holding onto those things for far longer than you'll ever dream and they will be more difficult to part with than you might imagine.

These "placeholders" soon become burdens and roadblocks to getting what you originally wanted in the first place. Their very presence is the argument for not reaching higher and getting the genuine item of your dreams. So don't even let them creep into your circle of life. This could be a fast-fashion jacket, a job or even a person in your life. The same logic holds true: hold out for the best.

I personally call this the Card Table Principle. By never letting a card table be used in lieu of an actual dining table you'll feel motivated (daily, urgently, painfully) by the inconvenience of your lack. This will drive you to do what it takes to go purchase the table you desire. Apply this same logic to relationships, wardrobe essentials, professions and other life achievements. Never, ever, allow someone to place a "stand in" where a genuine item deserves to have a place in your life. 

Life passes you by so very quickly, so don't dull the shine of your days with mediocrity. Never, ever settle. You deserve exactly what your heart longs to have, and you'll enjoy the victory of earning it and bringing it into your life. 

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