Wanderlusting: I Still Dream of Venice...

I miss Venice. I miss it a lot. It was my very first overseas destination and it was so beyond the realm of my comprehension that I could not quite grasp its awesomeness (in the truest sense of the word) until I had left its watery environment. Venice is a one-of-a-kind city that you will carry with you for the rest of your days. It is enchanting, it is magical, it is mysterious and it is undeniably romantic. 

We stayed right on the grand canal and our room was everything you could hope a Venetian room would be. The walls were lined in silk brocade that matched the heavy drapery panels. The furniture in our suite was ornate, gilt embellished and gorgeous. Our windows had these amazing shutters that flung open to reveal the bustling water taxis and passers by just outside. Adding even more of a thrill, our shower ALSO had a very large window overlooking the canal. Hello, Italia! 

We enjoyed that sweet city for three or four delicious days. Stopping to see the "must-sees" along the way (St. Marks, The Rialto Bridge and others) we still had time to enjoy getting lost and finding our way in the network of narrow passages. I can honestly still remember it like it was yesterday, and often in fall my mind wanders back the constant sound of water lapping against the building foundations. 

Never mind that the whole of the city stopped for an interminably long siesta every day. It gave us time to discover new areas and old churches and all but ignored frescoes on chapel ceilings. It gave us the opportunity to sip espresso overlooking the Palazzo. It provided the time to find ourselves in this enchanting European gem.

If there's one place I can't wait to go again - especially to have my little girls marvel at its uniqueness - it is Venice. It is one of the few destinations I can think of that cannot be overhyped or accurately described. Regardless of how grandly I describe it you will still be filled with marvel and awe when you stand over the waterways looking at the melange of architecture, history and busy city life. It is absolutely unique.

When you do go (assuming you have not already been smitten by the life-changing experience that is Venice), go with an open mind, and empty schedule and someone special. You will not want to miss a single moment of the experience and you'll want someone to share in the journey. I promise, long after you've sailed away it will still feel as though those hazy few days must have been a dream. Almost too good to be true. 

Expect a few Venice posts to follow this one. I can't quite shake the place from my mind and can't wait to share more pix of where we stayed and where I would love to stay when we return!