Tastemakers: Wade Allyn Hallock + Van Cleef & Arpels...


It's no secret that we see clear parallels between our fashion sense and how we outfit our homes. Modern leaning types likely gravitate towards clean lines in their wardrobe as well as in their furnishings. Classic lovers may crave a linen bergere and a timeless LBD. Those with a fun mix of high-low, vintage and new are likely channeling that same sense of eclectic chic right into their living rooms. It just makes sense. The way we live is an extension of our sense of style and an expression of what we love. 

But have you ever considered a room design inspired by jewelry? Hmmmm. How would beautiful baubles and sparkling crystals translate into furniture and accessories? An interesting concept, isn't it? 

Interior designer Wade Allyn Hallock is known for his unique ability to blend eras, styles, colors and textures in a way that has earned him major celebrity clientele and industry giants. It's his chic and sexy mix that keeps his work fresh looking and his skills in such high demand. 

When tasked with the challenge of designing a room inspired by the legendary High Jewelry Maison luxury accessory brand Van Cleef & Arpels, Wade knew just what he wanted to achieve. Leveraging the allure of of French Art Deco was key. The resulting living room is sophisticated, classic and exudes understated glamour via in his signature heady mix of color, texture and styles.

I placed emphasis on the overall quality of design and overall aesthetic With this room, I attempted to achieve the classic brand essence of Van Cleef & Arpels which is both equally beautiful and timeless.
— Wade Hallock

The whimsy of overall room is a nice counterpoint to the fantastic detail and craftsmanship of the pieces themselves. A glamorous cocktail table is inspired by a spectacular yellow gold & black lacquer minaudière dating back to 1935. (Can I get an amen on both the table and the minaudière? Mais oui!) Art on the walls draws direct influence from a remarkable set of Oiseaux de Paradis diamond earrings in white gold. The elegant console table is a play on a curvaceous Couleurs de Paradis Volutes rose gold long necklace which seems to dance with its abundance of diamonds and white pearls. 

These intricate design details are paired with upholstery with clean Mid-Century leanings, a sleek ebonized wood herringbone floor and modern brass lighting. The result is a high luxury living space with a wink of insouciance. 

Elle Decor offers us an interview with the designer giving even more insight into his inspiration...

How did this project come up with Elle Decor and Van Cleef & Arpels?

Van Cleef & Arpels and I agreed that the worlds of jewelry and home furnishings have so much in common and wouldn’t it be fun to have both worlds meet.  

What interested you most about designing a room inspired by jewelry?

I’ve always thought of furniture as being “jewelry" for the room. The way furnishings accentuate a room and give you a glimpse of the owner’s personality is similar to to the way jewelry can encapsulate personal identity.  

Was there a hero piece from Van Cleef & Arpels that drove the design?

There were actually two.  The minaudière and the earrings drove the design because they were so representative of the deco-era style for which Van Cleef & Arpels is famous. Of course I re-envisioned the minaudière as a massive lacquered coffee table and re-created the earrings as sparkling wall sconces which are essentially earring for the walls!

Tell me about the design and how you'd describe it in your own words?

The design is clearly inspired from the French deco era.  It is timeless and elegant. 

What were your thoughts towards color in regards to the room design?

You’ll see that the room is relatively monochromatic.   I wanted the pieces to speak for themselves rather than have them be overpowered by an element of color.  The pieces are more about the lines and the curves rather than color. 

What are ways people can bring subtle feminine touches into a room?

Through the introduction of curved lines as in the base of the console and within the wall sconces. Soft fabrics accentuated with delicate pattern can bring a sense of fashion into a room. And, of course lighting can also be introduced to bring a certain femininity into a room setting. 

What type of person do you see in this living room?

A sophisticated couple who love gracious entertaining.  They are a well cultivated couple who appreciate historical references to the classic deco era.

What are your five essentials for a beautifully styled room?

Scale—the furniture must be in keeping with the dimensions of the room and be able to “speak to each other” without any one piece being overpowering

Color—Creates the mood of the room.

Function—Keep in mind the purpose of the room—is it a room to be used for entertaining or merely to kick back and relax?

Location —How does the room flow into the other rooms….There are subtle things such as lighting, flooring and painting that will allow one room to flow into another without creating a schizophrenic interior.

Surprise—add an element of surprise to focus the room and add an element of suspense.  In this case the lacquered coffee table is the focal point of the room.

Talk about a wealth of design advice from one of the industry's greats. For more of Wade's fantastic style, visit his site. See the rest of this feature on Elle Decor and watch for your December issue which will showcase this beautiful living room. And of course, draw your own inspiration from legendary brand Van Cleef & Arpels. Perhaps an elegant living space reflecting your love of the esteemed maison is in your near future.