Accoutrements: Elements of Chic for Creating a Cozy Home...

Look closely at your favorite magazines and pinterest boards and you'll typically uncover a pattern. Rooms that seem the most inviting, the most appealing, the most seductive are often outfitted with an array of toss pillows and throw blankets. These "extras" are the difference between a pretty yet standoffish space and a room that beckons you in with a "come hither" vibe. It adds richness and depth to your home and instantly gives guests something to touch, something to squeeze and a reason to settle in for a while. 

This simple designer trick works in living rooms, bedrooms, dens and family rooms. But don't overlook the appeal of such soft goods in a home office or even a dining room. I like to scatter pillows around and I love a good cashmere throw over the back of an office chair. This simple soft touch adds tactile appeal and takes the formal edge off a room with it's simple presence. 

Spread at the foot of the bed, a blanket is a perfect perch for your pet or even your children. For whatever reason, wherever I add a blanket my adorable feline is sure to appear and assume such luxury was added just for him. Bonus: it acts as a layer of protection over your duvet or furniture, attracting pet fur and taking the wear and tear your upholstery otherwise might endure. In busy family homes I love an oversized cocktail ottoman in the living room with a faux fur throw folded across the top. It is a magnet for children, husbands and pets of all varieties. The sofa can be wide open, but my massive blanket topped ottoman is the favorite spot in the house for watching TV or relaxing. It's all in the styling. 

Those layers of pillows that confound your husband? That's you making your home more cozy and inviting. It's your intuition to feather your nest and warm up what could otherwise be a sterile space. Yes, those pillows are awesome and you could use a few more. The key: don't make them too precious. A sequined one is nice, but by and large each pillow should be soft and supple and fabulously squishy. 

For summer, these may serve as mere elements of comfort. Once the mercury dips and cool weather is here, these are home essentials. Piling on the layers at home just feels right. It's our desire to be warm and safe that often drives our compulsion to add pillows and blankets to our home. And come winter: it's exactly what your mind and body need. 

Ready for a few of my no-fail cozy up favorites? You know you are! Here they are...