Personal Style: White Jackets & Coats for all Occasions...

I recently had a girlfriend over helping me in my closet. She at one point declared there was a new Franki rule: no more white bags or coats. Thankfully I don't build my wardrobe to please anyone other than myself, and you can bet your pretty AmEx that white, cream and ivory coats are a staple of my look. 

I have an arsenal of luminous cool weather coverups to count upon when the mood strikes. A long wool button up, a more flared version of the same with oversized asymmetrical buttons, a slim puffer coat and countless others to call upon when the mood (or the weatherman) strikes. I LOVE white coats of all varieties. 

Let's begin with the basics... wool. For this, I have on hand a few options. A cape is key for tossing on over jeans & a tee & rushing out the door. Few outfits look as chic and feel as effortless as a cream cape, skinny jeans & boots. Hello, magical fashion powers! For anything longer I love a defined waist. Look for outwear that is tailored & trim. The closeness to the body will actually serve to keep you warm by keeping gusts from traveling up your coat. A few favorites:


Helmut Lange Belted Wool Coat // Guess Double Breasted Coat // Elle Sasson Wool Cape // Ralph Lauren Fit & Flare Wool Coat // SMYTHE Reefer Boucle Wool Coat

Puffers have come a LONG way. These used to make even the most trim of us look like the abominable snowman. Modern options use high-tech fabrics and top quality down (not feather) fill to maximize warmth and minimize bulk. The creme de la creme of these will always be the Moncler variety (my absolute favorites typically have with fur trim).  Here are a few others to warm your body & tickle your sartorial fancy. 


J. Crew Long Puffer Jacket /Vince Camuto Ribbed Knit Trimmed Puffer Coat // Alice + Olivia "Blakeley" Down Hi-Tech Fabric Coat // Laundry by Shelli SegalBelted Puffer Coat with Faux Fur Trim // North Face 'Aconcagua' Down Vest

Now... on to my favorite pieces: the faux furs & otherwise fabulous extras. These are fun pieces that work well is basics and seriously turn up your style quotient with no effort whatsoever. I must admit to having a serious weakness for these spectacular jackets because when you come across one you love you just HAVE to have it. These are exceptional options to add to your closet for playing up your feminine side. Here are a few I spy that I adore: 


This might be a bit TOO fun for some of you, but I love a statement piece. Faux fur Line & Dot jacket

You know I LOVE Milly. This brand can do no wrong in my opinion. The designer brand brings it home in this shimmery faux fur coat with more glamour than I can verbalize. LOVE this piece for over dresses or a denim & heels. Flawless. 

Tess Giberson Abstracted Plaid Fur Jacket // BB Dakota Faux Fur Lam Coat // June Knit Fur Coat // Koral Olympia Biker Jacket // Alice + Olivia Samira Draped Poncho

Not all are strictly white and not all are strictly serious. The idea is to find a look that works for you and commit. For me, these light toppers are the perfect foil to skinny black pants or an otherwise dark winter wardrobe, They'll keep you warm and inject an air of glamour into what might otherwise be a drab winter day. Happy hunting, girls!