Feeling Bookish: Fabulous Design Blogger Books to Bring Home...

The undisputed king of color enjoyed a whirlwind global book tour this year. Will Taylor's unabashed love of all things cheery and bright will inspire you to rethink your stance on neutrals and add more than just a little zest to your home and your life. Spice up your lifestyle with the fabulous Bright Bazaar book and unleash the color lover in you. 

How can you not love Erin? She puts it all out there post after post. In her recently published book she bares it all in terms of her first-hand design expertise as well as her personal journey getting to this moment in time. Love her candor, love her stylish tips and love her willingness to open herself up to readers of every variety. Walk, don't run to snag a coveted copy of her already best-selling book. You need Elements of Style in your library and in your life. 

If Erin is the belle of the fashionable ball this season, Eddie Ross & Jaithan Kochar are most certainly the kings of style. Having earned their place at the well-appointed table, this unstoppable pair have finally completed their first ever book which promises to lead us all closer to the effortlessly chic interior mix we covet. I personally cannot wait to add this volume to my library. Eddie is known for his unbelievable flea market finds and signature "oh this? I snagged it for $11 at an estate sale" sense of collected cool. Did I mention the tome features a foreword by Bunny Williams? Yes, it pays to be awesome. Add more than just a hint of chic to your life with Modern Mix