Current Obsession: The (Pretty Much Sold Out Everywhere) Luxe Faux Fur...

The only downside to living in the south: it takes so long to get cold that by the time you head online to shop for winter clothing all the good pieces are SOLD OUT. Between the faux fur vest and the leopard coat, I'm not sure which is more popular for winter 2014. What I do know is that those of you who wear my size are clearly months ahead of my current game & happily ensconced in your fabulous faux furs. Boo hiss for me, but I'm quietly clapping for all of you. 

While the looks I love vary between the outrageous knee-length leopard coat (hello, attention-seekers) and the more subdued white faux mink, I admit to my inner Zsa Zsa Gabor loving and lusting after them all. 

So... spill it, sisters! What are you wearing. What are you loving. Where did you buy yours and do they have any more left? I do see some options around the web, but most range from "meh" to "dear God, no" when I zoom in. These gorgeous pix are all from Fabulous Furs which seems to have the lock on realistic looking furs. 

While we're on the topic: I have no problem wearing real fur, I just don't happen to own any. Where do you stand on the faux or no issue? Does it vary from animal to animal? Rabbit seems to be universally approved and mink looked upon with detest. Obviously it's a matter of population and sustainability. But really, animal fur is animal fur. 

Dish... I'd love your thoughts!