Musings: On That "Sunday" Feeling...

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Sundays just feel... different, don't they? There's no denying it. Saturdays are the fancy free and fun-loving sister. Sundays? Sundays suffer severely from split personality disorder. They are duplicitous in their last ditch effort to be unbelievably lazy, while still striving to get a leg up on the week ahead. Sundays: a study in contrasts. 

Sundays are fine cashmere and flannel pajama pants. Sundays mean late starts and early nights. Sundays are connecting with family & friends around the globe while staying close to home. Sunday is supremely lazy and overly ambitious. Sunday is filled with flagrant excess and sharp restraint. Sunday is just ...unique. 

Here's to hoping you are squeezing the very last fabulous moments out of your delicious pre-Christmas weekend and embracing your Sunday for what it is.