Object of Desire: The Perfect Venetian Mirror...

There are several things I tend to search for continually: glamorous cream coats, down filled embellished pillows and fabulous mirrors. Lately my attention has turned to Venetian mirrors for behind my bedside tables. Finding the perfect scale, the right note of authenticity and somewhat reasonable pricing has proven to be a challenge.

There are no shortage of etched mirrors out there striving to be seen as Italian-inspired, but most read flat and mass produced (which, frankly, all of reasonable pricing will be). My favorite style features the signature "peak" at the top and is on the grander side of the scale. Done well, these mirrors are elegant and regal with a hint of historic appeal. Poorly produced, they are gaudy mistakes that draw too much attention to themselves. 

In the best of situations, you'll inherit one or a pair from your wickedly stylish aunt. Hers will have natural patina and a few chips here and there which absolutely add to their appeal. She'll regale you with tales of her heyday years in the 8th arrondissement and peppers her stories with names so big your eyes pop. 

No such relative? Try 1st Dibs and One Kings Lane. Expect amazing and authentic finds here, but be prepared to pay for the privilege of procuring finely curated goods. In my case I'm in search of a matching pair of a specific size. In cases like this I prefer to rely upon my go-to source for reliable quality and luxe style delivered to my door: Horchow

A few favorites...

If a smaller mirror is what you seek, I love (LOVE) this petite little mirror packing maximum style. The oval shape and relatively small scale is gorgeous over a desk or vanity (measures 20" w x 30" h and only weighs 7lbs). Love this one! 

Ernhardt Mirror $275 @ Horchow

Ahhh, the Vasari mirror. This one is just gorgeous and earns high points for its feminine appeal and elaborate but not overdone design. At nearly 40" high, this medium scale mirror is marvelous for many uses. In my case I need one a smidge larger, but this would look beyond gorgeous in my daughter's room over her dresser. It may one day find a home here with me. 

Vasari Mirror $475 Horchow

Easily the best of the bunch for my unique needs, the Margaux mirror is the perfect blend of grand and gorgeous. Opulent and done in a fashion that lends it Venetian authenticity, this 33.5 x 46" beauty is exactly what my bedroom needs. 

Margaux Mirror $994 Horchow

If your mirror needs are of the horizontal nature (for over a long dresser or console), The Elania mirror is not to be missed. I love this incredible piece as a solitary showstopper. It is enviably large at 50" wide x 48" tall. Imagine this beauty behind your bar cart or over your entry table. Stunning, right? It is hand cut and every bit as gorgeous as you might imagine in person. Love this option for a variety of uses. 

Elania mirror $796 Horchow

What about you? What are you in search of for your home? Are you a mirror nut like me? Do you collect something different? I'd love to hear all about what you're searching for this year for the home or for your closet.