Musings: On Looking Forward...

Oh, 2014! It's time to close the books on you and begin a new adventure. 2015 awaits with open arms and a twinkle in its eyes, and I dare not wait a moment longer to kick off this exciting new year. As we wrap up this last evening of the year I can tell you with certainty that I am eagerly awaiting that "fresh start" feeling that tomorrow morning will surely bring.

Normally I don't make formal resolutions or feel the need to declare how one year will differ from the next. Tonight I can honestly say that I am beyond happy this calendar is done and a fresh new twelve months is itching to be unleashed. Tomorrow I'll surely write out firm new plans and begin populating my office inspiration board with specific new ideas and goals. It's time to move on, to move forward and to move into newness. Can't you feel it? 

I'm looking forward to everything that awaits in this beautiful gift of a new year and beyond. May your last evening of 2014 be blissful and filled with laughter. Much love to each of you. Let's make this next adventure together our most magical yet! 

Happy New Year!