Accoutrement: Gear On the Go...

Those of you who wander the earth with your iPhones sans case absolutely amaze me. Perhaps I'm just busier than the average bear, but my beloved Apple mobile devices take a beating. Enter the waterproof, dust proof, essentially human proof cases on the market today. Perhaps not quite as sleek as your Tory Burch slim case, but it will certainly save your beloved #latergrams from being lost in an unexpected fall. The newest cases are dust proof, waterproof and impact proof. These are military grade devices and device covers ready to rumble if you dare. Those selfies on the bow of the yacht don't seem so risky now. Nor do those ski slope videos you love taking. 

My suggestions? If you're an avid video maker consider the GoPro. Accept no substitute.

Tough on your smartphone? Catalyst has all you need to withstand anything you could possibly imagine doing to it. Seriously, this slim case is as rugged as they come and will help your iPhone stay pretty and perfect no matter what craziness you put it through. Even dropping your champagne on it (you know who you are!)

Survivalist? Consider the Pelican Vault Carrying case for your tablets and laptops. I see this as necessary for you outdoor types, adventurists or you pinterest addicts sitting on the beach. I dare you to locate another tablet case that can withstand sand, surf and water better than this one. 

So there you have it. No more excuses. You have the gear, the gadgets and the know-how to keep your tech safe on those wild Ibiza trips. No more dropped iPhone horror stories. No more lost memories. No more bubble bath tragedies (what? no one else has ever done that?). From now on you can boldly go forth knowing your tech will stay dry and safe regardless of your dangerous human tendencies. ;)