The Art of Play: Roll On...

Summer has everyone outdoors partaking in some style of sport. Tennis, swimming, bocce, croquet, volleyball... get togethers call for outdoor fun. We are certainly an all of the above style posse. Regardless of the season, we are continuously busy and enjoy seeking out new engaging recreational activities. Recently we were introduced toRollors, an outdoor game perhaps best described as a mix of bocce, bowling and horseshoes. It's playfully competitive, and certainly very family friendly.

This fun backyard game will keeps participants moving and engaged without great athletic ability required. The rules were very straightforward and luck as well as skill were necessary. It's easy to see how you can develop into a better plater over time by working n your accuracy. This was definitely terrific activity for my energetic six year old. Even the one that was too small to fully participate loved it. For me, the smartly designed zippered carrying case was the thoughtful aspect. It's convenience and orderly nature guarantee it will be added to the trunk for park outings and outdoor casual gatherings. Thumbs up across the board from our little crew! 

Of special note is the story behind the game. Inventor Matt Butler first visualized the concept during his downtime between deployments overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan supporting combat operations. When he returned home he developed a prototype that proved successful with friends and family. Eventually he saw an opportunity to employ out of work veterans by having them produce the simple wooden components that comprise the game pieces. Mark now leverages the worldwide success of his game as a platform to continue giving veterans assistance. He consults them on inventions, career advice, patenting, distribution and more.

You are likely to find yourself playing this game for fun at your next beach party. It's nice knowing that the man behind the invention has a huge heart and is using his success to build others up. Aren't entrepreneurs amazing? Visit Rollors to learn more.