Toys For Girls: Embracing Her Girly Nature...

For all the talk about gender equality and sameness, I can tell you with great authority that the little girls we have and those on our many playdates are considerably different from boys. While the earliest years don't yield grand distinctions, by the time kindergarten rolls around those unique gender qualities are as clear as day.

While I'm the first to tell you I emphasize math, science and engineering for my girls during study, I balance that by indulging them in fanciful girlish wonder. Gold tiaras, pink tutu dresses and dollhouses are just a few of the many wonders of being a mommy to two future entrepreneurs. They are flexing their female muscles and letting their natural love of all things pretty and pink shine. And that's perfectly okay with me. After all, a scientist can wear a skirt to work just as easily as pants. Right? 

Below are just a few of our full fledged female picks from Alex & Alexa. We hope you'll enjoy them too. Not familiar with the site? They carry fashion, toys and furniture for girls and boys from some of the very best brands around. This site is sure to be a mommy (and daddy) favorite of yours as well.