Tot Decor: Young Collectors


There's no doubt that classical music played to the womb elicits a response from a growing baby. Likewise, children at any age are fascinated by art. Show any baby a colorful painting and you'll see their visceral response to the creation. So for me, adding art and creative pieces to a nursery or child's room is a necessary luxury.

Today on Framed & Matted they are showcasing LA artist Marisa Anne Cummins. Her quirky framed prints are signed and matted and definitely would add a playful element to a young child's room. Personally, the lion is my favorite! He's a cutie.

See them all here. Each piece is signed by the artist herself and is available for $135 each. Love all three? $350 gets you the whole set to start your little tot's first gallery installation. It's never too young to begin sparking that creativity! :)