Objects of Desire: Feminine Finds for a Girly Desk...


Somewhere along the line we decided that desktop accents and accessories didn't have to be so cold and boring. Gone are the black staplers and oversized calendars. Now, options abound to keep your home or office desk looking chic and feminine.

Let's start with the petite powerhouse otherwise known as the espresso machine. Hello, pretty soft white Nespresso! This is their newest introduction and it can be found for as little as $99. Perfect for the java lover in your life (perhaps that's you!). When you're focused on your projects all day a nice little pick me up is a lovely thing, is it not?

While we're sipping, why sip from anything less than a leopard spotted gold rimmed cup and saucer? It is the sum total of those individual moments in life that comprise your life story. Make every delicious private moment count. Ralph Lauren's matching set does not disappoint. You'll feel every bit the sophisticated

Try as we might to be tidy, we all need a place to corral small objects. I suggest a chic tray that serves dozens of uses. This acrylic version via Tory Burch is every bit as functional as it is glamorous.

A small brass sculpture resting on a stack of chic books and smart gold-lined correspondence cards set the tone. This is your professional oasis. This is your daydreaming, plan making, life's work achieving nook. Your chic little perch is a spot for knocking out killer work for clients (or perhaps just filling out thank you notes) without ever forgetting you're fully and fabulously feminine.