Quotes: Be Led By Your Dreams...

If ever a quote was apropos of my "moment" in life, this is it. Leave it to Ralph Waldo Emerson to craft such a meaningful passage of text. It is timelessly relevant to most everyone's life at all levels of success and maturity.

"Don't be pushed by your problems, be led by your dreams."

Amen to that. This is a skill so many need to master: directing your own thoughts and being in control of your focus. Yoga has certainly helped me in this area. Finding quiet time uninterrupted by external distractions is key. For you it might be a moment of quiet meditation, for me the sweat-inducing solo workout is my favorite method of getting my "mental center" back. With a busy life I relish those quiet early morning moments where I'm in full command of my time and my thoughts. 

My yoga practice not only gives my body a great workout, it sets my mind free. The solutions I've been seeking all bubble up and come into focus. The bits of worry or stress can be laid to rest and squelched. It's amazing, this mind-body connection. A good solid walk early in the morning and watching that special pinkish-orange glow in ths sky is another great way to clear my head and get on top of your thoughts. 

These are simple things, but for me they are essential. Carving out that dedicated time to regain perspective is key. Even better? Travel. Nothing truly puts daily life in perspective like phyiscal distance and a dramatic change of scenery. 

What about you? How do you get clarity and perspective? Are you a runner? A yogi? A weight lifter?