Perspective: Fresh Look, Fresh Outlook...


Much like editing your closet and deciding to empty it and begin anew, I felt moved to completely change the look and feel of the site to align with the present state of "me." The previous framework was built in 2006 and simply wasn't keeping up with my wishes. You know that feeling when something familiar just isn't right? Yes... that feeling. Acting on those realizations is key, and I'm certainly one who doesn't ignore those clear internal signals.

Those of you who love looking back: It will take me some time to migrate all of my old posts over here (seven years of juicy Life in a Venti Cup content), so please be patient for the entirety of the archives to arrive. They are coming!

But most of all, I'm focused on enjoying the fresh new site and thanking you for being loyal (or perhaps brand new) readers. Rather than the previous format of mostly linear posts running down the page (so boring, right?), you can now browse by tags (posts like this fall under the distinction of perspective) or category (try inspiration for your morning dose of optimistic goodness). 

Be sure to check out the fun top navigation and explore the different areas of content. Yes, there will be crossover, after all a girl can't help but feather her nest and add to her closet at the same time. And brace yourselves for a series of fun interviews with designers, style icons, entrepreneurs and other incredible people who make life and living so much more interesting. 

If you're an RSS feed subscriber grab yourself some style served up fresh daily. Let's move together into our chic new future. It's so much prettier here!