Celebrity Living: The Hilfigers Get Groovy in Miami...

tommy& dee  hilfiger get groovy in miami

It takes a certain client to encourage Martyn Lawrence Bullard to unleash his "groovy" side within your waterfront Miami residence. Tommy and Dee Hilfiger not only let the celebrity designer wild with his retro-sexy vibe, they tasked him with taking it further. It is Miami, after all, and there's no such thing as over the top in this vibrant city. 

The result? An unexpectedly modern look that is far less shagadelic than one might have imagined. Bullard incorporates some of the best of 60's and 70's vintage Italian design to lend a visible nod to the past while still being unabashedly "now" in concept. 

No question this look is far too geometric and bold for my taste, but I relish having this behind the scenes look at how a master designer brings his client's vision to life. The Hilfiers' pad is a living art gallery with sweeping views of the water and sleek furnishings abounding with chrome. Black and white may be heavy hitters in this space, but there's no question they all harbor a deep love of color and bold flourishes.

See the entire project at Arch Digest, and be sure to watch the behind-the-scenes video.