Extraordinary Journeys: Escape to India...

Some days you just need to pretend you're someplace else... right? When I think of exotic locales where I can do some reflection, few places come to mind like India. This is a region of the world which is untapped for me. We've never been to this great land and I can barely wait to visit. It strikes me as a culture steeped in rich history, vibrant color and honored tradition. My mind can only begin to imagine the fragrant markets, the busy streets and the overwhelming sights.

I hope this post offers you a minor mental vacation today. Most people I've spoken to certainly feel they need a moment to escape the mid-week madness. Enjoy what remains of your Wednesday and don't - even for a moment - wish your moments away. Now is the only moment that really matters... so squeeze the most out of it. Be present. Be aware. Be fully alive. 

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