Personal Style: My Girly On-the-Go Essentials...


What exactly do I love to toss into my handbag? It varies. My trusty Macbook Air, perfume, an extra pair of shoes (sometimes) and a few standout accessories are my feminine weapons of choice. A worry-free zippered tote conceals my "quick change artist" accessories and places those essentials at my fingertips.

Impromptu lunch? Not to worry, I'm all set with a spritz of fragrance and a few more bracelets added to my wrist. Makeup need a touchup? Lip gloss is really all you need to freshen the face. I don't carry much, but I like to have a few options. 

Water bottles are a no-no when it comes to handbags as there will inevitably be a spill (not to mention the drag on your shoulders). The same is true of push-top pens. If it doesn't have a tightly closed cap it is not going anywhere near possessions. Frankly, I'm not keen on ink or even certain lip gloss containers in my bag. The more secure those liquids can be stored, the better. Especially in the heat of Texas summer, I try to avoid fashion accidents by preventing them in the first place. 

Since we're talking essentials (as well as contraband), I take at least one emergency protein bar everywhere. My favorites at the moment are these. If you're into paleo or crossfit (and chocolate) you'll love them too. Since I'm likely to have my little ones with me, any opportunity to prevent my own mid-outing food crisis is key. 

I should note that I treat most of my bags as though they are on the endangered species list. My high-end designer bags are fiercely protected and typically not considered "run around" handbags. When I find a glam zippered tote that I'm comfortable using each day, I snap it up. They do not replace my designer bags, but they give me comfort by preventing me from worrying about my investment bags as I run about with my daughters. 

Lunch with girlfriends or a client meeting? All bets are off. That's when the big guns come out to play. But for outings with my precious mini-me's I almost always reach for a smart zip top tote that is pretty and drama-free. After all, my precious cargo in the back seat deserves my attention more so than my delicate quilted or studded bags.

I do admit to often keeping a luxurious clutch inside the tote. This gives me maximum fashion versatility and makes transitioning to lunch at Highland Park Village or a visit to Neimans a snap. 

What about you? What's in your bag on a daily basis? Do you fiercely protect your high-end handbags in the same fashion I do? Or do you have a more relaxed approach to glamour? Are you an on-the-go Whodini with a bevy of accessories at your disposal, or are you committed to your look (and your bag) once you're out the door?



Shoes: similar here & here // Chanel Glossimer & Laura Mercier Lip Glace in Bonbon // Coco Mademoiselle Perfume // Olivia + Joy Lileth Satchel // Bracelets: similar here & here & here // earrings: my favorite hoops // MacBook Air  // my favorite pink leather bound notebook // Paleolife Bars

{image credits: photography by Franki Durbin}