Perspective: Life is Beautiful...

Life is so not about what is happening to us. It is always about our response to the happenings... our outlook on the world... our perspective and our willingness to see beauty. My week has been topsy turvy since Sunday. Things definitely had me rattled for a few days, but this morning I've regained my balance. I've reclaimed my strength. I've renewed my life force. 

Life is truly beautiful and there's so much to enjoy. Each day is an amazing gift. If you are blessed with people you love, you are rich beyond measure. If you are loved, you are truly living a wondrous existence. If you are healthy, you have all the riches of the world. 

Is there air in your lungs? Solid earth beneath your feet? Then you have a kingdom at your fingertips. Open your eyes not to what's happening to you... but to your life as a whole. Don't let tiny events derail you and distract you from the goodness of your marvelous existence. Today is precious and fleeting. Embrace it and laugh as much as you possibly can laugh.

You only get ONE of these precious lives to live! Just one. Any day wasted on worry or tension or frustration is truly a day misspent. Reclaim your joy and your marvelous outlook and don't let life's challenges rob you of a beautiful experience. 

Happy Thursday, everyone! 

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