Accoutrement: Lost & Found + Anthropologie = Rough Luxe


What happens when a globetrotting trendsetter suddenly hits it big time? She and Anthropologie team up to curate an intimate collection of organic luxe items for the home. Think: artisinal dinnerware and hand-dyed indigo coverlets. This collaboration between Jamie Rosenthal of Lost & Found and indie-store-gone-global Anthropologie delivers everything a wanderlusting entertainer could wish for: handmade goods with a story behind them.

If there's one thing I've learned about tabletop design it's that the organic elements instantly add warmth and vitality to the room. You can add all the gilt candleholders you like, but it will be the rough hewn burlap runner than beckons guests to sit down and spend the evening at the table. Jamie's collection features special pieces with character and personality that will have you and your dinner guests ready to linger for hours by candlelight long after the dessert forks have been laid to rest. Each globally sourced or acquired piece is a conversation starter all its own.

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