Mind & Body: Balancing Act...

At some point you simply begin to take your health more seriously. Perhaps it's a health scare, but more likely you decide that feeling sluggish isn't aiding you in your quest for greatness. Periodically I realize my body isn't keeping up with my blonde ambitions. It is this awareness of self that makes me snap to it and clean up my eating habits (less coffee) and add more body movement (power yoga is my weapon of choice).

Through research and experimentation I've come to realize that it goes beyond a little kale and a lot of vinyasas. The body's pH balance is often the culprit. Or, more accurately, your constant attack on that balance. Acidic foods and stress are often to blame.

If feeling great isn't a motivator for you, perhaps vanity will convince you. An out of whack pH can lead to signs of early aging (wrinkles, anyone?) and weight gain. That's right. Dry skin isn't sexy, and either is a grumpy disposition.

Fortunately, getting your body in balance isn't actually that difficult. Here's what I recommend... a simple glass of green juice every day (I promise, it actually tastes GREAT and your body will beg you for the second glass.). This alkalizes your body and floods your system with nutrients your body has been craving. Drink plenty of clean, filtered water. Move your body daily: walking is great, yoga is exceptional, but any and all methods of raising your body temperature are good for you.

The new thing I'll be trying? Super Elixir from Elle Macpherson and Doctor Simone. It is a powdered supplement loaded with greens, antioxidants, digestive enzymes and Chinese herbs. It is going to raise your energy level and introduce key missing minerals and vitamins to your body. I read about this early today and my singular goal is to order it later this morning (no, I've not been contacted by the company or any PR firm to promote it... I simply believe this might be the missing link in my healthy living plan). It very well will be the boost I've been looking for to revitalize my energy stores and invigorate my life. You can get yours here.

So... it's not easy, but it really is simple. Move, drink, eat greens and find balance. Here are some of my tools of the trade that I use (or will be using) daily to keep this body of mine feeling great:


1. Breville Juice Plus Fountain Elite // 2. Green "Lemonade"  (see recipe below) // 3. Super Elixir // 4. Yoga // Clean water

Venti Green Lemonade Recipe
2 Large Handfuls of organic green kale (freshly washed)
1 small "lunchbox size" Granny Smith apple
1 whole lemon (rind and all)
2 handfuls of organic baby spinach
shaved ginger to taste (go easy!)

All simply tossed into your Juice Plus Elite (my juicer of choice for its powerful motor, all-stainless construction and shockingly fast speed). Drink immediately upon making for best results. This is certainly a more tart version of the popularized green smoothie, but I'm making this as a low-glycemic way to add a hefty dose of nutrients to my diet. One glass of this a day is perfect. This recipe will make one tall drinking glass. Do not store or save, as those enzymes and nutrients are all maximally available when freshly blended.