Accoutrement: Nespresso Machine...


Life is busy, right? We have clients to meet, fittings to attend and rehearsals to... rehearse for. Time is a precious commodity we dare not waste. For moments when you have about 60 seconds to spare and desperately need a jolt of something to kick you into high gear, we keep things fairly simple. Mr. Venti rocks the bulletproof coffee like nobody's business and I rarely met an espresso shot I didn't love. What is bulletproof coffee, you ask? It's a very strong cup of high quality coffee (Stormio works very well), plus MCT oil (virgin coconut oil will do) and pure organic grass-fed butter (we prefer Kerrygold unsalted butter). Mix well with this guy, enjoy each sip and brace yourself for the most productive day of your life.

For me, a shot of espresso is typical fare, with foamy cappuccinos regularly making their appearance regularly and of course... iced coffee.

We thank our lucky stars for our Nespresso machine because it's embarrassingly easy to produce perfect coffee instantly. You simply push a button and the best cup of coffee you've ever imagined is magically filling your cup. Trust this mommy of two: time is precious, so making a cup of liquid gold super quickly is essential. I swear by my lovely little chromed out machine.

Am I totally biased? Yes. I've been drinking in the good stuff for well over a year now and find it to be a treat I look forward to each day. Don't take my word for it, though... grab yourself a delicious cup of coffee from Nespresso. Trust me... it's as good as gold.