Celebrity Living: Tory's Southampton Estate...

I was admiring the Tory Burch estate photos the way one admires overly fussy cuisine. I liked it. I appreciated it for all its complexity... but it just wasn't to my taste. Patterns... lots of them. Prints. Chintz. And more pedigreed pieces than most people will encounter in their time here on earth.

And then... I happened upon these photos of her pool house and the grandeur that isher outdoor living space. Consider me sold. I decided right then and there that if I had to take this property as-is I would do it just for the phenomenal poolside lifestyle.

Might I add... the property is stunning. Absolutely stunning... I would just need to start anew with the interior design to live there myself. But Tory... what a lovely retreat you've created for yourself. I applaud your incredible success and the incredible life you have created for yourself. And as for that pool house? I do hope you entertain their frequently... it's a magical addition to your home.