Color Crush: Blanc...

Say what you will about the rotation of Pantone colors... my heart flutters for white no matter the trend. From my bisque hued walls to my cream bedding, I can't get enough of this barely there color. 

Perhaps it's largely due to the fact that I work with color day in and day out for clients. For them, there are no boundaries when it comes to the spectrum. But for my private world? Surround me in a dreamy sea of neutrals and call me happy.

Does that mean that I live in a world without any pops of color at all? Hardly. Pretty pinks have crept their way into my heart and my home. My living room in an homage to my "moment" of aqua bliss... but by and large I seek out light neutrals to set me free. 

Does color have an impact on mood? You bet your sweet color swatch it does. White makes me feel radiant and magnificent. The more in my home, the happier I feel. There's an intensity to it and an undeniable feel of sophistication. To be more accurate I should explain that "white" in this case extends to creams, ecru, beige and ivory. I love them all.

You won't see "Wonderful White" or "Intense Ivory" topping the charts of popular colors as declared by Pantone. That doesn't affect my love for these mood boosting colors. Any why should it? We are all allowed to express ourselves freely through our home decor. How about you? What color or colors make you happiest at home? 

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