Acquisitions: At the Auction...

There are few social events that compare to the specific feeling of a live auction. I love that sense of quiet anticipation and strained composure. Everyone jockeying for the same selected lots without trying to let on their eagerness to win. The events I have attended boasted magnificent jewels and antique Persian rugs, both rich in history and value.

When Heritage Auctions reached out to invite me to select ten lots from their upcoming Fine & Decorative Arts event happening in Dallas next month I eagerly accepted the challenge. One glance at the inventory for the auction won me over. As expected, my greatest challenge was limiting the list to only ten great finds. Régence-style mirrors, brilliant emerald and diamond necklaces and spectacular framed works of art from some of history's most noteworthy artists are just a few of the marvelous items that will go home to lucky bidders at September's auction.

Those of you not in the Dallas area will appreciate that Heritage boasts a robust online bidding process. In real-time you can compete by proxy with other collectors attending the event without missing a cue. Theoretically, you could sip bubbly from behind the wheel of your Riva Aquarama while acquiring a prized Louis XV gilt bronze figural clock via their flawless online bidding method. No need to sit with the masses at their Design District location. However... attending auctions in person is so much fun, isn't it? I think so. 

Here are just a few of the fabulous pieces I highlighted from the lots. First up, a pair (let that word sink in for a moment) of Régence-style gilt wall mirrors. These magnificent golden beauties are as fabulously ornate as you'd hope they would be. The idea of finding a perfectly matched set of this quality is remarkable. Their scale is equally impressive... a staggering 88 inches tall and 46" wide. These would be beautiful over a pair of demilunes flanking a fireplace or grand entryway. 

Perhaps it's my fascination with the Romans, but this figural of a Roman officer is impressive on many levels. The gilt bronze finish and marble base lend it the gravitas you'd expect from a sculpture of this nature. I envision this on a table in an executive's home library or in a modern loft owned by an erudite couple. It's a beautiful figural sculpture made even more appealing by the musculature of the horse and the presence of the officer's spear and shield. Just magnificent. 

Finally, a shimmering 23 carat emerald, diamond and white gold necklace. I don't know about your city, but Dallas is a town that needs no excuse to get dressed up for the evening. It is easy to imagine this making a spectacular gift for a lucky girl who deserves a bit more sparkle on her neck. With over 100 full-cut diamonds surrounding those radiant emeralds, it's clear this piece of jewelry is ready to enjoy some time in the spotlight. 

These are just a few of my selections. I would love to invite you to preview all of the lots online for September's event. The event takes place September 13th beginning at 10am CST through September 14th in the Dallas Design District Annex, 1518 Slocum Street, Dallas, TX 75207. I personally will be attending the Reception Preview on Tuesday, September 9 at the same location. Please come out and join me as we peruse these lovely decorative objects and fine jewels. Perhaps you'll even be inspired to go home and bid on a few fabulous things. Happy auctioning!