Culinary Pursuits: Father's Day Brunch...


As noted previously, I love breakfast. If there's a meal worth celebrating, it's the first one of the day. I also find this meal to be my preferred choice for hosting soirees. Get them in, serve them coffee, delight them with a frittata or quiche and then off everyone scatters to enjoy the day.

In the past we've done custom omelettes for everyone. This is tedious at best and results in the obvious byproduct of staggered mealtimes. Not ideal.

Father's Day brought about motivation to reshuffle our hosting plan and make it far more fuss-free. While a quiche was our family's go-to brunch item growing up, I personally prefer the frittata. Why? For one, I'm allergic to cheese. The real reason, however, is the crust. Any dish served in a pastry is judged largely on the flakiness of said crust. Frittatas - at least here in Dallas - tend to be more boldly seasoned and loaded with vegetables. It's a dietary/culinary win-win.

Neatness counts too, of course. You've cleaned in preparation for guests and now your sparkling kitchen can be spared. These crustless egg-centric brunch entrees can be prepared using the oven only, keeping your stovetop glistening and cool to the touch.

Which recipe did I make? This one. It's meaty enough for the men but elegantly suited for ladies. It sits nicely on the fork and looks gorgeous plated. What more can a hostess as for on a Sunday morning? You might notice the recipe calls for gruyere. We served it without and I heard not a single complaint. We paired it with fresh brioche, orange juice and coffee. Brunch was easy from a hosting perspective. As for the guests, the meal was light yet filling - the perfect start to a sunny holiday.



My special hostess secret? I love to eat my breakfast before guests arrive. Yes, a full meal. Not only does this keep me energized, it gives me the peace of mind to relax and focus on the arrival of people. I'm not so patient when I'm hungry, and once the first person comes through the door its "go" time. There are often few opportunities to focus on enjoying the meal myself. There is also the small matter of my two litle girls. When I'm not pouring OJ for someone I'm very likely chasing a toddler through the halls. Thus, my pre-party meal fuels me and makes the entire experience an exercise in "giving" rather than trying to sneak in a bite here or there. Besides, I genuinely love breakfast and like to fully take in the "moment" of the meal solo. 

This little frittata trick will be the basis for many future lazy Sunday brunches to come. I was able to circulate and have easy conversation without keeping my eyes on the food. It also ensured that Mr. Venti could unwind and enjoy the guests. Father's Day or not, I highly recommend you experiment with breakfast dishes you can bake. You'll be smiling and gracious and guests will leave happy and sated. Brunch success by every measure!

{image above of our al fresco Father's Day brunch}