Current Obsessions: Coins, the Currency of Chic...

Is it just me or is Dolce & Gabbana picking up where Gianni Versace left off? The collection du jour does not boast the now iconic grotesque Medusa faces from Versace circa 1996, nor does it adorn every millimeter of fabric with vivid yellow or cobalt blue. Instead, we are greeted with endless ways to wear antique coins. Bikini bottoms, pendant necklaces, statement earrings and a stunning black bodysuit all celebrate the golden circular shape. And as much as I try to resist the unabashed opulence of it... all I kind of love it.

D&G is not alone. Other brands have revived the classic coin bracelet and gigolo necklace, but the Italian brand led the charge with the coin as their central theme for summer. Maybe it's their restraint or their tightly edited color palette, but somehow I can't help but adore it. 

God help us all. There must be a little old lady from Boca inside of me trying to escape... or gold necklace wearing a gigolo. ;)