Destinations: Lucerne, Switzerland...

Ever wake up wanting to hop on a private jet and escape? While my old habits usually lead me to the mild and colorful Mediterranean, today I'm craving Switzerland. I long for walks along the Reuss in Lucerne. 

Sipping hot cocoa in crowded cafes. Gazing at the neighboring mountains as I feed the swans. Paying homage to the Lion Monument. Admiring the unique "onion domes" atop the multitude of cathedrals. I think Lucerne, Switzerland would be an ideal place to slip away for a few days to stop and reflect on things.

Tell me, do you have a favorite place to escape? It is the chaise in your sunroom or perhaps a room at the Chase? Do you have a spot you go to escape the hustle and bustle of busy life? And more specifically, have you been to Lucerne?

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