Dream Home: Façade

Don't you love it when things just come together? I've been building my future home (via Pinterest) and slowly but surely the entire property is coming together What's been missing is the façade. Thank the Lord... today I found the image! That lovely top photo? That's it! Sadly, even using reverse image lookup I've had no luck identifying the rest of the house beyond that pretty front... but I am so grateful to have a photo that clearly says "This is it" to some lucky architect in my not-so-distant future.

As you're no doubt discerning from the images, I'm fixated on a c-shaped house that surrounds a central courtyard containing a pool. Ample outdoor dining is key, lounging areas outdoors shielded from the Texas sun are paramount to the success of the design. I want the visual and physical flow from indoors to out to be a key attribute of this structure. Alcoves for enjoying breakfast or early morning coffee are all integral to the design. Covered areas are planned for dining at night by the pool. I see ivy covered walls and lion-mouth fountains, reminiscent of a European property. I see urns dotting the landscape and finials with patina on top of walls. No small plans here!

Take a deeper tour through the vision here. Trust me when I tell you that these are plans I have fixed so firmly in my mind that they have only one option: to come true. I don't consider them to be wishes. Instead they are plans.

What about you? What does your future home look like?