Dream Home: Maybe a Medi...

As much as I wax on about French chateau style architecture, there's an Andalusian princess within me that longs for a Mediterranean manse. You know what I mean... ochre stucco and a barrel tile roof. Sweeping wrought iron staircases and exposed beam ceilings. Lengthy balustrades and flowering bougainvillea lining private courtyards. Soaring cypress trees and cascading fountains dotting the landscape. Hello, idyllic west coast estate! 

I long for this style of home in a way typically reserved for objects of passionate lust. I can envision myself in beaded kaftans overlooking the Pacific Ocean and letting the breeze blow the hair back from my face. Sorry for the detailed visuals, but I've always held an image in my mind of living in one of these seaside homes when my adult life finally took hold.

Fortunately, stucco is de rigueur in Dallas. It is one of the common modes of construction, but for authenticity's sake I prefer to see these homes overlooking vast bodies of water. Don't you? They just don't seem quite right unless they are in a state that ends in "a" (California, Florida etc). Unfortunately, since my husband has endured the hell on earth otherwise known as LA traffic, my chances of getting him to move out west (again) to Southern Cali are slim to none. A little resistance never stopped this girl, though. So still I plot and plan to have a vacation home in Orange County or elsewhere in the Sunshine State at some not-so-distant point in the future. 

These images above? All by Oatman Architects, a husband & wife team that creates these sprawling Mediterranean style homes that seem so right on the California coastline. What might seem garish in Texas (who am I kidding? We love it big and bold!) seems downright homey in Newport Beach. It is definitely more "Old World" than my normal daily style, but I find Mediterranean home really call my name and appeal to my fantasy way of living. The opulence in design is balanced by very durable materials and expansive livable spaces. Who wouldn't want to call these lovely places home? 

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