Feeling Bookish: Collected Cool (is undeniably cool)...

If anyone in the design community looks as though they are having a blast - it's Jay Jeffers. If his work is to be translated as his personality and his mindset, Jay is filled with creative spirit and an ability to embrace his playful nature.

I've long believed that those who best decorate the spaces in which we live are those possessed with the ability to truly live their lives out loud. No quiet mouse-like personality is going to lacquer a ceiling to a high gloss finish or truly know how to deck out a Manhattan penthouse for high rollers. It just doesn't happen that way. The best designs are produced by those who embrace life and have an earnest desire to assist others in enjoying their lives as well. Mr. Jeffers falls squarely in this camp and is quite possibly the greatest current example of vibrant design.

If you've obtained a copy of Collected Cool you no doubt agree that Jay is blessed with more talent than can be expressed in a tightly bound book jacket. His heady mix of colors, art and curated pieces is both wildly impressive and intimately livable. Nothing is precious and yet everything is luxurious and fabulous. This art form simply cannot be taught in school - you are truly born with the gift for creating collected interiors or you are not. The dear Mr. Jeffers certainly is!

Few interior designers command the skill of this San Francisco star. This is a master at play - I say play because his rakish smile and easy disposition inform us the joke is on us. He's doing exactly what he was born to do and being commissioned to do it for exciting clients across the globe - all while having a roaring good time. And isn't that what life is all about?

Like his signature style, Jay Jeffers lends us his sense of effortless cool in his beautifully written and impeccably designed book Collected Cool {Rizzoli}. From start to finish he presents projects with detailed notes on his design decisions and insightful tips we can all choose to experiment with in our own projects. With a foreword by the iconic Jamie Drake, this brilliant tome (which, by the way, is impressively oversized and gorgeous) serves as a field guide for infusing that Jeffers energy into your life and perhaps (if you're lucky) your home. 

Through his showcased projects we easily glean he has a love of geometric designs, stunning abstract art and pattern play. What most impresses me, however is his ability to combine so many fanciful patterns and textures while still having a tightly edited finished result. Nothing ever seems forced or overdone. It looks... collected. This surely is confirmation that design star Jay Jeffers has been blessed by the design gods. Yet no matter how generously he doles out his wisdom, few if any of us will be able to mimic his signature cool looks. And frankly, that makes me admire him even more. Essentially, the Jay Jeffers awesomeness is simultaneously inspiring and incredibly humbling.

If you love design (and I know each and every one of you do) you will not want to miss this marvelous talent and this impossibly cool book. It is certainly one of my new favorites - as is Jay himself.

{all images via Jeffers Design Group}