Feeling Bookish: Fashionable Favorites...

There are books... and then there are books. These next three volumes are three of my favorites in the Venti design library.

Rooms to Inspire will knock your designer socks off. It's a comprehensive look at the best work of some of the best designers. It's magical and motivating. Notice it's position on the top of the stack for easy reference when the moment arises. I LOVE this book. 

New York Interiors gives you an insider's view of private homes of seven of the city's interesting inhabitants. I will say this, case aside all expectations and let the imagery wash over you. It's a very interesting look inside the way people live, which is always intriguing. 

And Dior Couture. What can be said of this amazing book other than, wow. I have many fashion books, but I cherish this one the most. Dior is one of the most prestigious design houses in Paris, and to view their couture works up close in detailed imagery is a priviledge. Even if it is  only in a book. A beautiful book, I might add. Warning: you will decide you need to own a Dior gown at some point in your life. Not a bad goal to add to the list. 

These are three "must have" books in my library. What are some of your favorites?