Feeling Bookish: One Man's Folly...

Very seldom do I read a book from cover to cover in one sitting. In this instance, One Man's Folly arrived at our studio one afternoon. In a single afternoon I devloured this wonderful book. From the warm foreword from Bunny Williams to the peppering of peacocks throughout the book, I was captivated. You see, Furlow Gatewood is quite the individual. You might not recognize his name, but he is an important person in the world of interiors. His notable friends (Bunny, for example) cite him as inspiration and influence. 

This book is an invitation to get to know this famous-yet-unknown design celebrity by touring his Georgia estate. And what a tour it is! On the grounds of Gatewood's southern property we explore a handful of structures that all seem to have just "come together" just so. He has lovingly restored buildings on his family's sprawling Americus property.

Journeying through the book (and by extension, his picturesque estate) we are smitten with a carriage house, delighted by dogs and entranced with architectural elements. Through the ethereal photography of Paul Costello and the accompanying storytelling by Julia Reed we gather that Furlow is born with "the gift" of relaxed sophistication and has refined his taste with a rich and storied career as a designer. We read accounts of fabulous dinner parties, sought after antiques and adventures in architecture and design that have you turning page after beautiful page. 

But it would be a mistake not to point out that One Man's Folly is as much a visual treat as it is a lesson in southern hospitality. Through accounts of late night dinners, adventures in restoration, personal relationships and Furlow's personal experiences we are granted lessons in stylish living. All I could think as I read it was that I was equally eager to read it again - perhaps this time taking notes.

How I went so long without knowing this marvelous talent existed is a wonder to me. If I can encourage you to pick up just one book this weekend, this is it! One Man's Folly will dazzle your senses and make you reconsider how you entertain, what possessions you accumulate and how you spend your days. 

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