Musings: On Coloring Me Happy...

Yesterday I was out and about and couldn't help but notice that happy colors were everywhere. Landscapers have been busy infusing popular districts with potted florals, storefronts are celebrating what is sure to be a much awaited warmer season ahead. Calypso St. Barth's featured rich hues in the windows. And they were not alone, tiny boutiques that lined the street in University Park bloomed like flowers with shades ranging from pretty pastels to rich jewel tones.

When it comes to my favorite retailers, Spring is here and they are shouting it from the colorful hilltops. Even Dallas's beloved Sprinkles Cupcakes was doing their part to inject sweet pops color into our life. One pink and yellow cupcake at a time. Or possibly two, but who's counting? :)

What about you? Are you feeling the shift? Are you craving color? Those of you expecting yet another polar vortex must surely be craving colorful kaftans and brightly colored sundresses. I've begun to notice a subtle but noteworthy craving for color in my otherwise neutral selections. My bedroom has become a sanctuary of blush-colored fabrics. My inspiration board is dotted with shimmery jewel-toned goodies. Even my designs reflect this need for color or all intensities.

Inspired, I'll be buying fresh flowers today for my desk and for my bedroom. Pretty pink tulips with their signature droop always make me smile. Simple, but so pretty. I'll also be wearing this festive perfume that Dior has launched just in time for spring. A fresh mani/pedi in a pretty pink might be nice. By these small actions I'll be doing my level best to infuse a little spring joy into my day. What will you do differently today?

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