Perspective: Reach Higher...

There you are living your life in a state or relative contentedness when suddenly BOOM. A far better existence crosses your laptop screen. Blame Pinterest. Blame really talented photographers. Blame designers. Regardless, suddenly now your goals are bigger, your aim is higher and your ambition just kicked into overdrive. Me? I say all of this is good. It's natural. It is all a part of growth. 

Am I saying don't be content? The opposite, actually. You must find genuine gratitude and enthusiasm for all you presently have. After all: everything in your life was once just a thought in your mind. Those shoes, that spouse, that job. All things you once pined for. And now they are yours.

You must learn to understand the flame of desire within you. If a craving for finer things burns within you GO GET IT. Make it happen. Expect it to happen. This is all a part of receiving blessings (or for some of you: aligning with the energy to manifest them). I believe with all my heart that you should envision your life in as much detail as possible assuming those dreams will come true. They are glimpses into your future if you allow them to be so. 

What will that dream home look like? Tell me about the view. In detail. How about the pool. Does it spill into the horizon just so or is it centered around a fountain. Tell me about the wind in your hair as you look out at the water. Describe to me the sun hitting your face as you look up in a moment of consideration. Is it amazing? It is, isn't it?

Most people fear longing for more because they fear becoming discontent with what they have. Standing still is falling behind. Whether your dream involves furthering your education, raising your children (or fur babies) well, sculpting your body or selling it all to travel the world one thing is true - growth and change are necessary. So... you must plan what that future you will be like down to the tiniest of details.

Donald trump has a fantastic quote. It's very simple. "You have to think anyway, so why not think big?" My thoughts exactly. If thoughts become things and the sum of all things in your life are indeed the sum of your life... you need to get a handle on your thinking. Spend some time writing down exactly what you desire. What will the next 2 years look like? What is your next big project? What is your next big chapter?

Let's put some time into this and consciously create our futures rather than letting days turn into weeks turning into a quiet life. I don't know about you, friends... but I'm here to make some noise and accomplish big things. I'm here to see the world and live a lovely existence. I know you're here for specific reasons as well. 

So get out that journal and start defining it!

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